A few reasons why you should use free loans

We do not have to go to the stationary outlets of loan companies for loans without costs. In fact, we won’t even find them there. The first loan for free can be found in the offers of companies operating via websites. In this way, the cost of maintaining a business is relatively lower and companies can afford interest-free loans. We can apply for it without leaving our home. When you take out a loan for free, the procedure is almost the same as for standard interest-bearing loans. Of course, we will notice the differences at the outset. When setting loan parameters, information about zero costs will appear.

The APRC for free loans is 0%. However, you must indicate the amount and repayment period that are available in the free loan offer. The whole loan application process can be completed in several minutes. There is no need to attach certificates to the application and place numerous signatures. We provide basic information about ourselves and about this finances. The short form will contain only the data necessary to conduct a quick analysis of our person. We will still have to confirm our identity, as in the case of applying for traditional paid loans. If the lender decides to bear the risk of lending and issues a positive decision, the money will appear on the account the same day after a few minutes.

You will give back as much as you borrow – Free Payday loan

You will give back as much as you borrow - Free Payday loan

There is rarely an opportunity to borrow money without giving back with a vengeance. Even family or friends count on a certain percentage, often they do not have sufficient funds to grant us a loan. It is better to opt for a free loan, because these are not enough that they are easily available, and in addition completely free.

A free loan is nothing but the first free loan, i.e. a loan for a customer who has not used the services of a given loan company before. This is a condition that must be met so that no additional fees actually arise. The second condition is timely repayment. Diligent borrowers benefit. If you are one of them, you will pay back as much as you borrow. Although many skeptics are sniffing at free loan offers some huge hidden cost, you should not be afraid. The first loan ceases to be free only if we have not repaid it. Standard fees are then charged, such as for interest-bearing loans. Fortunately, loans for free are increasingly offered for more than 30 days, so you can immediately think about how long we will need to settle the liability.

The loan is based on clear terms

The loan is based on clear terms

There is no need to waste time and nerves borrowing the proverbial at times when free loans are available easily, and most importantly on clear, understandable terms. Loan companies are required to provide information on the total cost of the loan, thanks to which we will see at the outset whether the loan is definitely free. An information form regarding the loan that interests us will inform us about the details. In addition, all arrangements between the borrower and the lender will be written down in the form of a contract. We can read the content of the framework agreement before choosing a specific offer. In case of ambiguity, we can ask the consultant in a telephone conversation or via e-mail. The content of the contract is a collateral for both the lender and us credit consumers.

You will join the group of regular customers, which means additional benefits

Whoever uses the services of a given loan company for the first time by taking out a loan without additional fees, will go to the database after settling the amount due. As a result, he can count on the loan company to offer him great conditions for the next loan. In this way, we can also be up to date with the current loan offer, because the loan company will inform us about all current promotions, discounts and organized competitions. We will get information in the mail or by phone of the representative. As a regular customer, we can count on loyalty programs or various benefits programs with material rewards or educational programs, from which we will gain knowledge in the field of finance, useful in managing your home budget.

Direct access to information about the current offer will make us better informed and make a more favorable decision about the next loan. We will be informed about holiday or holiday offers. Not without significance is the fact that when using another loan, we can usually count on a higher amount, thanks to which we can easily realize larger expenses. In many cases, the lender also offers a longer repayment period for the new liability. A loyal customer who has already fulfilled his contract in a timely manner is very important to the lender. The company trusts him and when applying for a second loan he will look at his application more favorably. As you can see, the first loan for free, free loans brings many benefits for later.

A unique loan offer that you won’t find in the bank

A unique loan offer that you won

It is not possible for banks and other institutions from the banking sector to grant free loans. In their activities they are subject to other regulations than loan companies. Companies can afford greater freedom in creating offers. There is no such thing as a first free loan at the bank. No loan, no credit can be offered at no additional cost. We can only count on such unique offers, which are undoubtedly free loans, only for companies operating in the non-banking sector.

Iphone 7 Leasing, Apple Credit

And while this experience is a little less than 5 years old and has already proven its worth, only the Apple corporation continues to make the most of leasing.

In 2015, Apple launched its first leasing program 


Which made it easy to get an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. Later, the leasing offer was expanded and refined with a smooth transition to installments. And if in 2015, leasing an Apple product at a much higher price than its standard retail price, then in 2019, the borrower no longer pays for it through an interest-free leasing or hire purchase. However, the entire iPhone 7 leasing procedure requires you to meet a few conditions without which you will no longer be able to easily and easily benefit from other Apple offers.

At the beginning of the US, the key principle of leasing iPhone 7 was subscription . A future Apple customer had to agree to buy the device from that company for $ 32 to $ 45 a month, and each subscriber has the right to change their smartphone once a year to a new one that just appeared in Apple’s presentation. Given that the purchase is in any case leased, the iPhone 7 may not be replaced, but simply continue to be repaid until the debt is extinguished.

In American practice, the lease term for Apple products is up to 24 months, but in Latvia things are different. Lenders in Latvian electronics stores are local banks and leasing companies, so iPhone 7 leasing terms are set individually and repayment terms may vary.

Where can I get an iPhone 7 lease?

Where can I get an iPhone 7 lease?

First of all, you can make such a purchase at any Apple Authorized Dealer, in hardware and electronics online stores, and at in-store sales outlets. Most likely, leasing for iPhone 7 or another Apple product will soon be available at the mobile operator branches as well.

However, Apple corporation’s competitors are no longer willing to stand aside, so they have decided to make that move, and possibly more loyal terms. For example, Samsung is trying to create the same leasing program as Apple, but will not oblige its customers to subscribe to it , and if the customer accidentally crashes the smartphone during the leasing period, he will be issued with a new one without any problems.

However, such competitor programs are still under development, making it easier for Apple to establish itself as a leader in the smartphone market.

iPhone 7 leasing offers in Latvia

iPhone 7 leasing offers in Latvia

Walking through several technology and electronics trading platforms, it can be concluded that the conditions and requirements for each Latvian creditor are almost the same. And this is easily explained by the fact that there is another financial link between the shop and the borrower, in the form of a bank, leasing or credit company. The most common way to apply for iPhone 7 in Latvia is through Citadele and InBank Latvia.

And so, leasing an iPhone 7 is essentially an interest-free loan or a down payment, provided the borrower meets the following requirements and meets certain conditions:

  • Interest-free lease repayment period – 2 years or 24 months .
  • Apple smartphones that cost more than € 1,400 can be leased on interest-free leasing only on the condition that a down payment of 10% of the iPhone price is made.
  • Only individuals can use the interest-free loan.
  • To obtain an interest-free lease on Apple products, the next borrower must present his or her passport or ID card.
  • The maximum interest-free loan (leasing) for any iPhone – up to 7000 euros.
  • Your interest-free loan application is processed within 15 minutes and is completely free.
  • The borrower can only be an adult with a monthly net income of € 160.
  • The borrower must have a positive credit standing .

Advantages of Interest-Free iPhone 7 Leasing:

  1. Warranty service for Apple equipment – up to 2 years.
  2. An iPhone 7 borrower can exchange the interest-free leasing within 14 days.
  3. Free leasing application on the day of application.
  4. Get your iPhone 7 right after signing your contract .
  5. Delivery of iPhone to the buyer all over Latvia.

E-Money – is it worth using this Loan and Credit broker?

Have you heard about the innovative Loan and Credit broker which is E-Money and wonder if it is worth using it? Will you earn or lose? Read the article and draw your own conclusions.

Is it worth using E-Money? It is worth using E-Money in a demo form and test the innovative CopyTrading function. Thanks to it you will learn how a broker works, test the platform and check if we are able to make profits.

The possibility of copy trading on Loan and Credit in E-Money was launched in 2011. It is a revolutionary tool thanks to which we can track the stock market transactions of other traders. We have a preview of their past transactions and we can live and automatically copy their future positions.

E-Money and copying traders in practice

E-Money and copying traders in practice


If you have found an investor who you think has good results and will repeat them in the future, then using the E-Money platform you can assign a maximum of 20% of your portfolio to him. For example, if you invest $ 1,000 and the investor opens a position worth 15% of your capital, it’s almost automatic, $ 150 from your account will be invested in exactly the same way. The maximum number of copied investors on E-Money is 10.

Everything sounds very promising. You might think that instead of reading and following news from the stock exchange daily and performing technical analysis, all you have to do is find a good investor and follow in his footsteps. In this case, your task is only to select the right people to whom you entrust money. Sounds easy, but is it really?

The problem arises as standard: “it sounds too good to be true . ” There are no unprofitable profits. There is no tool in the world that will allow you to earn money when you sleep. Later in the article you will learn what our experiences with E-Money are.

Is it possible and worth trying to invest with E-Money?

Is it possible and worth trying to invest with E-Money?


My experiences

Perhaps, like I used to be, you are now impressed by the E-Money broker’s operating principles. It seems to you that copying other traders is a great way to earn money without too much work. Due to bad past experience with various Loan and Credit brokers, I did not deposit real money into their account the first time. In return, I opened a demo account. I deposited a virtual $ 10,000 to check how it works.

At the beginning I devoted a lot of time to finding such traders who would provide good and fairly certain revenues. I felt that this was the most important element of the whole puzzle. It was important for me not to consider those who have the highest returns, but to focus on those who show profits for a very long time. I found ten and started copying. I have invested various amounts in them – from $ 500 to $ 2000. The result of automatic copying after a few months was a loss of $ 1965.

Despite careful analysis of investors, I lost almost 20% of the entire investment portfolio. How it’s possible? Below I present to you my private thoughts on what went wrong, but first let’s analyze some popular investors from E-Money.

The interest rates fell slightly again in September 2017

The interest rate, after a small increase in the month of July, has started to decline again. This totally against expectations. Below you can read how the decline is caused and what the current mortgage interest rates are.

Did you know that you can compare loans through Loans based on the most current interest rates?

Did you know that you can compare loans through Loans.nl based on the most current interest rates?

In the month of July 2017, we saw mortgage interest rates rising at many Dutch and foreign banks. It seemed that a long period with extremely low interest rates was finally over. To be honest, we were of the same opinion. Home buyers also prepared for higher mortgage rates. Nevertheless, buyers and homeowners can still breathe a sigh of relief. The interest rates have actually declined slightly. For example, you can take out an NHG mortgage and secure it at an interest rate (fixed for 10 years) of less than 2%.

Quite against expectations, interest rates fall slightly again.

money cash

The decline is due to recent statements made by Jannet Yellen as chairman of the central bank of America. He openly doubted the rise in inflation that, according to economists, is coming. Jannet Yellen also warned of too much optimism. And according to her, the rules should not be reversed too quickly. The uncertain situation in North Korea also plays a role in the slight fall in mortgage interest rates.

Current lending rate September 2017

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  10. Starter loans are increasingly being provided

Mortgages as a way to own an apartment



The decision to incur a long-term financial commitment is a very responsible act. Mortgage loans and mortgages are available on the financial services market. Mortgages tend to be slightly more expensive than loans, which is why they are usually intended for renovating apartments or houses. Mortgages are the cheapest way to finance the purchase of an apartment or house, which is why they have been very popular in recent years. The price and the long loan period allow you to make a decision, bearing in mind that we are bound by a contract for almost a lifetime. A common feature of the loan and mortgage is the type of security. In both cases, the collateral is the property on which the bank makes the collateral in the form of an entry in the land and mortgage register.

What conditions must be met to obtain a loan or mortgage?

What conditions must be met to obtain a loan or mortgage?

An applicant for a mortgage must meet several conditions required by the bank: have creditworthiness, be the owner or co-owner of the property securing the loan and have a positive credit history in BIK. It should also be remembered that the Bank takes into account the age and marital status of the applicant. This is very important given the long-term commitment. Similar requirements also apply to mortgage, which is currently the most common tool to make your dream of your own apartment come true. In the case of a mortgage, its intended use is closely related to the purchase or construction of real estate. In this case, the loan period may last from several to several dozen years.

Mortgage loans and BIK

Mortgage loans and BIK

When planning a mortgage in the near future, take care of your history at the BIK Credit Information Bureau. If you have been late with paying off your obligations or have been handling them with a long delay, you can be sure that the bank has provided relevant information to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) database. Such an entry may affect the bank’s credit decision.

Creditworthiness, what does that mean?

Creditworthiness, what does that mean?

The bank verifies all information regarding the applicant. He mainly examines the credit history in terms of timely payment of obligations, type of employment contract and sources of income. It also analyzes all the monthly costs of living for the applicant and his dependents. Based on the verified information, it decides whether or not to grant funding.